Adult in Patients’ Satisfaction and Associated Factors with Nursing Care in Wards of Hospitals of in Guji Zone, Oromia, South Ethiopia


Abstract: Background: Patients’ satisfaction is a persons’ feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from services perceived performance or outcome in relation to their expectations. Patients’ satisfaction with nursing care constitutes an important component to measure of quality of nursing care in hospital settings.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess adult inpatient satisfaction and associated factors of nursing care in Nagele Borena and Adola General Hospital,Guji zone Oromia, southern Ethiopia,2016.

Methods: Across-sectional facility based study was conducted on in-patients at Nagele Borena and Adola General Hospital in Medical, Surgical, and Gynecology/Obstetric wards. The study was conducted from May 20-June 30/ 2016 on a Sample of 413 patients those admitted for two or more nights.  Data collected using a structured questionnaire, entered into Epidata version 3.1 and analyzed using IBM SPSS version 20. Factor score was computed for the items identified to represent the satisfaction scale by varimax rotation method. Multiple linear regression analysis was performed to determine the effect of independent variables.

Results: A total of 422 in-patients were approached from the study hospitals and 413 of them participated in this study (non-response rate of 2.13%). In this study overall level of patient‘s satisfaction mean score and level of patient experience were 55.9% and 56.125 respectively. Moreover, patients had perceived institutional aspect mean score of 54.2%. According to this research finding, number of night spent in the ward, marital status being widowed and divorced, perceived institutional aspects score and patient experience with nursing care were found to be independent predictors of in-patients satisfaction with nursing care f at selected Hospital setting.

Conclusions: The overall level of inpatient satisfaction with nursing care was low. It was influenced by their perceived institutional aspects, communication and information sharing of nurses with patients was significantly influence patient satisfaction in the in-patient setting. Thus, the hospitals should consider mechanisms to improve the nurses’ way of communication and interpersonal relationships beyond training on direct patient care.


Keywords: Adult inpatients’ satisfaction, Nursing care, Negele Borena and Adola hospitals, Guji Zone, Ethiopia.